Bakery claps back at harsh customer review with brilliant response

omg 13/02/2019

An Australian bakery has gone viral online after hitting back at a customer's negative review on Facebook.

The customer (who's name is Momo) wrote that the croissant they bought was too buttery, overpriced and even went as far as to call it a 'joke'.

The bakery then decided to clap back at the complaint and let them know their thoughts.

"Dear Momo, Thank you for your feedback." the reply began...

It’s true $6 is a lot for a croissant and you’re not the only one to raise an eyebrow or two at the price increase. So I will address all concerns here and now. The $6 croissant pays for...

  • The training
  • The ingredients
  • The purpose

We recently implemented a price increase to facilitate a pay rise across the board for my whole team. Perhaps you didn’t hear about it? My ‘why’ is to train the bakers of the future so I can get an overly buttery croissant in my retirement.

I allocate 3 training shifts a week just on croissant for the bakers in my team because they said that’s what they want to learn.

Did you know there are manufacturers out there getting creative about avoiding payroll tax (a privilege I will have for the first time this year) by investing in machines and reducing their workforce.

I’m not going to do this! Because I don’t believe this is a sustainable way for Australia to move forward.

As for the croissant having too much butter in it. I apologize wholeheartedly

x Nadine"

You can read the full response to the complaint below...