Couple receive harsh backlash after revealing they are fundraising for wedding

omg 08/02/2019

A couple from the UK have been brutally shamed online because they started a fundraiser for their wedding. While they knew that their tactics to have their wedding were unique, they never expected to be publically shamed for it.

The pair launched their fundraiser on popular crowd-funding site GoFundMe with a target of £4,500 (NZD$8,654). They had their wedding date set for April this year and also both sacrificed their time by taking on extra shifts at their respective jobs, as well as sold some of their belongings.

But when their GoFundMe went live, many people were less than impressed by the engaged couples attempt to tie the knot.

On social media, several said that if the pair can’t afford their wedding, they shouldn’t get married or should simply ‘try a registry office’.

One Twitter user even said the couple were ‘missing the point of marriage’, while one woman, Caroline Orr, said it was ‘pretty cheeky to set up a fundraising page for that’.

The bride-to-be was forced to defend herself saying that she was not a "money-grabber".

I think if people had done a media campaign to pay for their wedding I would think that’s pretty cheeky, but if it’s to pay for the day instead of presents, it’s fine,

"We don’t have a honeymoon booked, we’ve just booked two weeks off and will chill out and go out for walks to the beach. We’re not money-grabbing people, we’re people that have worked really hard for our big day."

"I shouldn’t need to hide anything, I’m just a normal person and not a money-grabber." she said.

She also added that she wasn't forcing people to donate and if they didn't met their goal then they weren't going to be too disappointed.

Every day she updates the GoFundMe page to let people know what she had bought with the crowd sourced money. It is everything from rings, party favours, decorations and dress costs.