Dad receives backlash after admitting he struggles telling his twins apart

parenting 20/02/2019

A dad has received a large amount of backlash after coming clean about getting his twins mixed up. The popular dad blogger 'Father of Daughters' share his story on Instagram.

"I thought I had it nailed - I thought the days of refering to ottie and Delilah simply as 'this one', 'that one' and 'the twins' were numbered and that I was going to be a parent who could distinguish between my genetic copycats. I was wrong."

"Thanks to *my wife* dressing them as mirror images of themselves, today I was straight back to square one & spent the next 15 minutes playing a real-life guess who - calling them the wrong names only to receive blank faces & zero responses in return. I'm strongly considering shaving one of their heads. Screw the curls - the need to identify my own children is more important."

Although some may take the post as being satirical - others have hit back at the message.

"Of course he can tell the difference. His whole 'hilarious' blog is staged and faked. Can't stand all these wannabe parent bloggers, they make my toes curl." one user blasted.

"I get that they’re identical (and they really are visibly so) but he’s their dad!" someone else wrote.

Others stuck up for the father, one woman who's a hospital worker shared how a father once brought the wrong twin in to A&E - proving it may be more common than you think.

Another mum added that her "daughters are identical twins and they can’t tell themselves apart in photos."

Do you think this is a big deal or not?