Dad shares his funny solution for his son refusing to eat his school lunch

funny stuff 15/02/2019

A dad has shared his hilarious hack for dealing with his son's fussy eating at school and avoiding food wastage.

Talking to Kidspot, the dad said that his son "usually comes home with most of his snacks and fruit gone, and either a full sandwich or half a sandwich still in his box."

The boy's school is quite strict with students eating their lunches, so to stop the wastage - the dad printed out a photo of a sandwich for his son to then throw out...

"He showed his teacher the top of his lunch box and she looked and said 'OK - that's good'... Then he couldn't resist and showed her the 'empty' box. They both had a good laugh together about it. He did have some snacks left over, which he had a little nibble of, so he wasn't going 'hungry'."

Luckily the teacher took the joke all in good fun.