Dad’s heartwarming post about having a daughter with Down's Syndrome goes viral

we love 28/02/2019

Twitter user Jason Kneen has gone viral after sharing a photo and a heartwarming message about what it's like to have a daughter with Down's Syndrome.

The dad made the post to answer what seems like one of the most common questions he gets - "My child has Down's Syndrome, what should I expect?"

"This. 100% this." the dad simply stated.

After receiving an overwhelming response to the photo, the dad went into further detail...

"I was totally NOT ready for a child like Rosie. It was a shock when she was born and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t take it well initially." he added.

"Part of that was the matter-of-fact process that happens where you’re bombarded with documentation and booklets and basically 'manuals' on 'what’s wrong and going to go wrong with your child'"

"It’s devastating to hear how your child’s life has already been predicted and mapped out. All children are different — how can ANYONE predict their future?"

Many people have praised his the father for sharing his story so openly.