Growing number of kids have started talking like Peppa Pig

omg 08/02/2019

Peppa Pig is definitely one of the most popular kids shows, but many parents have noticed their children have started talking like the cartoon pig.

"My 3 year old cousin has an english accent from watching peppa pig and I'm jealous." wrote one person.

"My 3 year old watches so much Peppa Pig she pronounces ‘Zebra’ and ‘tomato’ with a British accent." added another.

But a researcher has said that due to Peppa's popularity this might be more common than you may think!

They add that if a child adopts an accent or a voice from a TV show that it's completely normal and nothing to worry about.

"It's very useful for indicating what emotional state they are in." they said.

"If you imagine being somewhere between the ages of 2 and 5, you don't have much power in this world, beyond those tantrums of going all floppy, but as soon as you find a word or a sound in this case to consistently get your parents' attention, it's an amazing thing."

Source: Romper