Guy gets wrong McDonald's order, panics and calls police

funny stuff 04/02/2019

One guy's evening fast turned sour after he decided to take himself out to dinner at McDonald's, only to find McD's had completely stuffed it up.

Leslie McDonagh visited a McDonald’s restaurant in the UK and ordered a Big Mac.  

But when his order was ready, the 53-year-old became enraged after realising there were onions on the meal.

He ended up calling emergency services to complain about getting the “wrong meal”, which he said he couldn’t eat due to a “severe allergy”, Metro reports.

Police soon arrived at the scene, and discovered he had also tried to fight the manager on duty over the menu mix-up.

But then the whole ordeal turned even more sour.

When Leslie was asked to leave the premises, he fell to the ground and dragged down a police officer with him. 

He also spat in another's officers face as they dragged him out of there.

Apparently, the man had consumed about six cans of beer before he headed in for dinner and discovered the onions in his burger.