Kiwi cafe owner slammed for 'disgusting' Valentine's Day sign

NZ 14/02/2019

A sign outside a café on Auckland's Dominion Road has been called out online for seemingly making light of domestic violence, but the café owner is standing by it.

Eiffel en Eden put out a sign this morning saying "On Valentine's Day open the car door for her. After Valentine's Day open the car boot for her."

Twitter user Ana Samways posted a photo of the sign, which was met with outrage by dozens of commenters.

"A slow clap and a jaw drop for the most tone deaf, unfunny sign in Auckland outside Eiffel en Eden on Dominion Road."

Other users labelled the sign "disgusting".

The café's owner told Newshub the sign had been taken the wrong way.

"It's about how you should always open the car boot when you're shopping," he explained.

He said people had become outraged for no reason and one "very rude" woman rubbed out the word "boot" on the sign.

"Someone with a dark side took it the wrong way but I can't stop how people think."