Mother-in-law accidentally sends insulting text about bride and her mum to bride's phone

omg 05/02/2019

A bride-to-be has been left less than impressed and a little disheartened after her mother-in-law accidentally sent a text about her to her.

In a post on Reddit, the woman shared the shocking story how she thought she was getting along with her fiance of 10 year's mum, but on the day and was left "hurt and p*ssed" by the rude message.

"Overall we had a great day and I got the most amazing dress. My mum cried and my fiance's mum cried it was so special."

After the fitting, the bride had lunch with her mum, mother-in-law and best friend, where they chatted about whether she'll change her name after marrying.

She added: "My mom told everyone she suggested I keep my maiden name for work only and take my fiance's name for personal life."

"I have a problem with clients asking to be friends on Facebook and Instagram, which I cannot do because it goes against my work rules."

"I want to keep my personal life private from my work life. My fiance's mum agreed with my mum because that is what she does for work too."

But all that changed later when her mother-in-law "accidentally" sent the bride a text meant for someone else.

She continued, "The text said the whole day was a s***show and that my mum advised me not to take my fiance's name for career reasons.

"I'm so hurt and pissed that she would go around spreading lies about my mum. She knows that's not what my mum said."

The bride reported what had happened to her fiance who promptly made his mum apologise to his future bride. The relationship is still not too good between them, with the bride-to-be saying that the last time they bumped into each other, the mother-in-law refused to look at or talk to her.

As the post was posted on a public forum, people quickly jumped into the comment section. The most common words of advice was for the bride to leave the in-laws out of all future wedding planning appointments and just have them show up on the day.