Mum divides internet with controversial medicine hack

parenting 20/02/2019

An image one mum shared while giving her daughter her medicine has quickly gone viral on social media and divided the internet in whether it is a 'hack' or a big no-no.

The pictures show an empty juice box with a hole cutout of the back. A cupful of medicine has been placed inside with the straw inserted into it. A second picture shows a child drinking, seemingly unaware that she's actually taking medicine.

The Facebook page Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons shared the post and their audience was not impressed.

Umm no, they need to learn! That's what is wrong with these kids!! Everything is fluff, and no accountability! If they won't take it? Oh I got ways! Lol AND all my kids turned out fine! Discipline and all!:)

Others echoed that point.

"Tell your kid to take their medicine and that's it!" said another commenter.

Other parents brought up a problem with the hack.

"My kids don't fall for these things. The minute anything unpleasant lands on their tongues and it's game over. Thankful for bubble gum flavored antibiotics,"

Others thought it may bring up trust issues between the kid and themselves, and there were also comments praising the hack and wanting to try it themselves.