Mum furious after people shorten her daughter's name

parenting 26/02/2019

A mum is outraged at people shortening her daughters name into shorter versions and nicknames.

"My [daughter] is called Megan. We call her Megan at home. Other people seem to think it’s ok to change it to other versions: Meg Meggy Megs Her name is Megan and that is what we call her at home," wrote the mum on popular mums forumn, MumsNet.

"[Am I being unreasonable] to think people should just call her by the name her parents use & not make names up?!" she continued,  "It really bloody irritates me."

Of course, other users had a bit to say about her rant. Most of them calling her out for overreacting.

"Meg as a diminutive for Megan is hardly making names up? If you pick a name with an obvious shortening then I’m afraid you have to expect that people will probably use it. Your [daughter] may also use it when she’s older," one pointed out.

"I'm a Megan. I get called all sorts depending on which social group I'm in. You don't own your child's name and she is her own person. It's a good thing people shorten it as it means they have their own relationship with her outside of you," said another.

"Hmmmm not sure Megan was a good idea if you don't like the shortening, it's going to happen," one user pointed out.