Mum furious at husband over the photo he took while looking after their baby

parenting 05/02/2019

A mum has gone on a big rant after seeing a photo her husband took of him and their baby.

The seemingly cute photo shows the dad cradling the baby and also eating a snack. But if you look closer he is using the baby as a table for his plate of cheesecake. This is what set the mum off.

“Imagine … spending 9 months growing your beautiful baby, enduring morning sickness, sciatica and stretch marks … For him to be used as a f--ing Cheesecake Table that you can buy from B&M for £3.50,” the infuriated mum posted to her Facebook page.

The post has since gone viral, with over 117 thousand comments and 40 thousand shares on Facebook, with other mums chiming in to share their stories with the frustrated mum.

“I feel your pain! Men don’t get how hard it is to carry a baby, and they do things like this! I’m with you sister!” one mum commented on the post.

Men also commented, but their views were a little different. “Parenting win! The baby doesn’t know what’s happening… I’d probably do it too with my little one,” said one man.