Mum shocked as she walks in on another woman breastfeeding her baby

omg 27/02/2019

A single mum has been left absolutely mortified after discovering that the woman she leaves her daughter with when she goes to work has been secretly breastfeeding the baby for months.

The shock discovery was made when the mum finished work a few hours early and decided to go and pick her daughter up.

"There is a side door where parents can enter without knocking, so I did that," she said.

"When I got to the area of the house where my daughter was, I about fell over. The day care provider was NURSING MY BABY!"

I marched over, took the baby from her arms, and asked her if she was crazy.

"The provider said that she was saving my baby from chemicals I was trying to force into her body and I should thank her for doing it all these months!"

As the single mum had adopted her daughter, she was unable to lactate and thus feeds her baby formula. The mum went on to explain that from day dot the childcare provider was against formula milk, saying on the first day when the mum dropped her baby off the childminder said, "You feed her that slop?"

The horrified mum grabbed her baby's nappy bag and made a swift exit, but now she can't decide what to do next.

She's refusing to send her daughter back to that daycare centre but doesn't know whether to officially report the woman to her supervisor, expose her on social media or text all the other parents.

It's definetly shaken the single mum and has been a huge breach of trust, a total violation.