Mum starts business Durasealing school books for parents who hate doing it

omg 08/02/2019

An Australian mum has found herself with a bit of extra cash after starting a side business wrapping school books with Duraseal for parents who hate doing it.

The mum charges $3.50 per book and it has been a hit for her so far!

"I know a lot of parents and grandparents don't like doing it, so I thought I would put the word out there," she told Kidspot.

"The majority of parents said it wasn't about not having time to do it, they just didn't enjoy the task," she added. "There is a real pressure for parents to get it bubble-free and that puts a lot of people off it completely. They actually thought it was odd that I enjoyed doing it! I think it's nice to be able to help people with things they aren't able to do themselves, so I enjoy that part of it too."

For one family she wrapped 36 books and earned more than 100 dollars.

She also gave some helpful tips for getting the best result...

"My first advice is to set up somewhere comfortable so you're not changing position halfway through," Megan explains.

"Then lay the contact down with the backing on, place the book on the contact to check the size, and allow a two-inch overhang. Then I cut the dog ears at each side of the book."

"When it comes to the spine, I use an angle cut that allows space for it to close up again. Then my trick is to partially unpeel the contact, and place the book down as you take it off and gradually cover it. The rest I'll have to keep as my trade secret!"

So if you're a bit of a Duraseal pro - this could be a good way to make a few extra bucks.