People are making a small fortune by selling their old Furbies online

omg 18/02/2019

If you're still holding on to an iconic 90s Furby toy - then selling it could fetch you a bit of extra cash!

The animatronic furry toys have a bit of a cult following and are being sold online for as much $450.

If your Furby is still inside its box then you are far more likely to sell it for a higher amount. Even toys that aren't in perfect condition and have been used are selling for around $50.

Other popular 90s toys that are selling well online include Polly Pocket, Trolls and Barbies.

It seems like there are a lot of people out there who are dead keen to get their fans on some of these nostalgic toys, so if you have some laying around it could be an easy way to earn a quick buck!