Study proves that smart babies get their brains from their mums

we love 21/02/2019

According to new research, mums get to take the credit and bragging rights for their children's brain power. 

A new report by Psychology Spot reads that "mothers are mainly responsible for transmitting intelligence genes" which means that when your little one comes home with their amazing report card, mums get to give themselves a little pat on the back for giving their child a genetic boost.

One scientific researcher named Robert Lehrke revealed that it is the x chromosome that determines a child's intelligence. Women carry two x chromosomes while men only carry one, which means that "since women have two X chromosomes, they are twice as likely to transmit characteristics related to intelligence."

They also revealed that "the best predictor of intelligence was the IQ of the mother."

But it is impossible to credit gene inheritence as the main factor for smart kids.

Forbes magazine writes that the reason smart children are born to smart mothers is because of the influence mothers have on their children. "So long as mothers are the primary caregivers, they are also the primary architects of their child’s environment during the period of critical brain development. Smart mothers tend to raise smart children. Raising children to be good problem solvers is itself a problem to be solved, and mothers with better brains are likely to do a better job of it."