Study shows that women with big butts produce smarter children

we love 15/02/2019

If you're a mum with junk in the trunk, then turns out you are more likely to have smarter children!

There have been a number recent studies with focus on larger than average behinds and the results are really interesting.

Recent research by the University of Oxford revealed that researchers were able to find a correlation between big butts and your child's IQ, and concluded that women with big butts give birth to smarter children.

This is possible because of the higher levels of "good" fatty acids, specifically Omega-3, in the bodies of women with above average derrières.

Babies need these fatty acids for their brains to develop properly, and since the fats in the mother's breast milk comes from the lower part of the body, babies whose moms are blessed with big behinds get a lot more of Omega-3.

A similar research from 2007 also proved that gluteofemoral fat plays a huge role in producing smart babies, so this more recent study only strengthens those findings.

However, the researchers do also highlight that while having a fatter bottom can be key to having genius offspring, your genetics and lifestyle also play a role.