The hack to help you pick something to watch when you can't decide

omg 05/02/2019

Even though streaming sites like Lightbox and Netflix are filled to the brim with all sorts of titles to watch, sometimes it can be very overwhelming.

Sometimes it feels like there is nothing to watch, even though there are literally hundreds of options.

But now, there is good news. Someone has created a website to help you pick what to watch for you. Best of all, it's tailored to your taste in shows and movies.

The website, named TasteDive, recommends movies to watch based on ones you’ve already watched and loved.

Users simply type in a movie title that they like and the site recommends similar movies to watch, based off reviews, suggestions and ratings from other site users.

Each movie title has a trailer and user ratings to make selecting something to view even easier.

The site is so simple to use and unless you want to add your own ratings to films, there’s no sign-up process required.

We put it to the test and the recommendations are pretty spot on too!