This 'toilet target' light might help the boys in your life improve their aim

funny stuff 19/02/2019

If you've had trouble toilet training your young ones (or the men in your life could do with some extra help), this 'toilet target light' might do the trick!

The "Toddler Target Potty Training Learning Easy Fast Fun Motion Sensor Activated Bullseye Nightlight"  is available for purchase on Amazon for around $50 NZD. The product works by sticking to the toilet seat and shining a bright green light down onto the bowl to create an 'aim' for boys.

The online reviews for the product are pretty positive, with many people wishing an invention like this came out years ago!

"Love this thing. I have two boys, three counting my husband, and they all love it. They love 'peeing on the target.'" one person wrote.

"It's great. Motion sensor works great. I blame it on my boy that we needed it. Haven't had an issue with him peeing on the back wall since getting it. It keeps his focus on the bowl." added another.

If you didn't want to fork out to buy a light, we're sure there would be some easy ways to create your own with a cheap laser light.