Woman catches mother-in-law tampering with her birth control

omg 15/02/2019

A woman has been left shocked after catching her mother-in-law tampering with her birth control.

The woman, and her husband are quite content with not being parents and have almost completely ruled out the want to have kids at all. She revealed that they are currently in their late 20's and are enjoying living a "carefree", "childfree" life. 

She revealed that she understands that some people think their descion is selfish, but she doesn't judge others for their choices, so she expects the same in return.

But when the woman and her husband confronted his mum about their descion, she "went into hysterics".

The mother-in-law was concerned, "the bloodline and family name will die" with her son.

It resulted in a rather awkward Christmas period, and the couple hoped she would come to terms with their decision eventually.

But, weeks later the unthinkable happened leaving the couple a little shaken and very concerned.

The mother-in-law had visited to make her son dinner. The woman wasn't due to arrive home from work yet when the mother-in-law realised there was an ingredient missing. She asked her son to run the store that's right down the street to get this thing she 'forgot'.

When the woman returned home from work and noticed her husband's car wasn't in the driveway, she made a beeline for her bedroom to change out of her work clothes. What she discovered in there has left her feeling violated and second guessing everything.

"When I opened the door into our bedroom what I see is what looks like MIL carefully trying to poke holes into our condoms," she wrote.

She snaps her head in my direction with this mortifying deer in the headlights look on her face. Like a fish out of water.

"She mumbles something about how she's 'trying to save the family' and frantically runs out of the house before I even have a chance to say anything."

When the husband arrived back home and was told what had just happened, he was "absolutely horrified.

To make matters worse, the mother-in-law, who isn't one for regular visits, had been around three weeks earlier when the wife was out, and now she's worried the same thing had happened then too.

And as it turns out, in an updated post, the woman revealed she is in fact, pregnant.

I'm so distraught that I haven't been able to sleep in the last four days. I'm sorry I didn't update sooner, but I've been in a really dark place,

She says neither of them have spoken to the mother-in-law since the incident had taken place, but she is "lost".

"I never wanted to have kids sure, but at the same time having an abortion feels so wrong to me even though it's the most ideal thing to do right now," she said.

I can't believe I'm in this situation right now. I don't know what I'm going to do.