Woman saves nine pairs of her favourite shoes while having to evacuate Tasman fires

NZ 11/02/2019

When Evie Scott was told she had to evacuate her house due to the Tasman fire she saved her nine pairs of Doc Marten shoes.

Ms Scott was dozing off on Saturday night when she got an unexpected visit from a neighbour telling her to prepare for evacuation, she told The AM Show.

Bushfires have scorched the region for seven days, covering 2300 hectares while hundreds of homes have been evacuated.

"It was a heck of a shock at 10:30 in the evening when you're just dozing off."

She said her tired brain had packed an odd collection of "emergency" items, including a large pile of shoes.

"I woke up the next morning and in my wisdom at 10:30 had packed four pairs of undies, one pair of pants and all my Doc Martens," she said, confessing that she owned nine pairs.

Ms Scott said she was eventually asked to leave her house on Sunday afternoon.

She said she felt lucky to live in a place where residents had warning of the disaster, and had prepared.

"We have lots of drills and preparations for kids growing up so we know what to do in that situation," she said.

And she may be heading back home on Monday, and is waiting for the all-clear from Civil Defence.

"Although we're anxious and perpetually refreshing newsfeeds to see what's going on, I think the overwhelming feeling is gratefulness.

"We're really grateful to live in a community that rallies around us at times like this, volunteers doing everything, the fire fighters working through the night… it's amazing."

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