You can now buy stairs to make it easier for your dog to get into bed

we love 20/02/2019

Online retailer Orvis have created sturdy foam stairs to help dogs get from the ground up onto furniture.

"These sturdy conventional-foam steps promise support and solid footing for your dogs as they climb on and off of the bed or sofa." the company writes on their website.

"A great solution for older dogs with stiff joints or arthritis, or smaller breeds who cannot get on or off the bed without your help. This lightweight foam ramp is easy for you to move in and out of place, and the durable microvelvet cover removes easily for washing."

The steps will cost you around $300 and will be shipped from overseas.

While most of the product reviews are positive, some users have pointed out the stairs are best suited for smaller dogs due to their size.

So will this might be an expensive purchase, if you're keen for more dog cuddles in bed - this might cut down some of the hassle!