Best Man knocks out his teeth after fainting during wedding ceremony

omg 21/03/2019

No bride wants the attention taken away from them on their big wedding day - but it couldn't be helped when the best man fell quite painfully in the middle of the ceremony.

The newlyweds were in the middle of listening to the maid of honour perform a song in dedication to the couple when the best man begins to sway on the outdoor step.

Then very quickly, the groom faints - landing face first, knocking out his own teeth and fracturing his jaw in the process.

Talking to Jimmy Kimmel's late night show, the best man Jestin blamed the heat and lack of water for fainting, and not the maid of honour's singing.

He also wanted to clear up that he didn't pee his pants - he just couldn't drink the water he was given after he hurt his jaw. But he admits it did totally look as if he did.

And despite what happened, the bride and groom have no regrets picking Jestin as the best man.

"No, no. I love him. I still do!"