Bride and groom furious as wedding guests asks for gift back months later

omg 11/03/2019

In this day and age, money is by far the most popular wedding gift. So often the bride and groom are living together well before they marry and have already accumulated a lot of the stuff they need.

But whatever the gift, it's always appreciated (unless you come across a bridezilla of sorts).

But one bride is furious after one of her wedding guests from her wedding months prior, got in contact with her to take back the wedding gift they gave her and the groom.

Writing in a wedding shaming Facebook group, the bride wrote: “This is a short one. After my wedding my husband and I opened gifts and cards. I opened a card from my husband's aunt and uncle and they had written us a £160 cheque. We were like ‘whoa, but okay he makes good money’. Three months later we get a phone call and the 'generous' uncle said he only meant to write a £16 cheque and we need to give him £144 back. Like who does that?!”

The bride and her husband were shocked at his request, and even her mother-in-law was disappointed by the behaviour. 

In the end, the bride revealed that they decided to just give him back the full cheque amount. “We gave everything back because we didn't want a penny of his money.”