Bride asks woman to share their groom's stag-doo stories after hers does the unthinkable

omg 07/03/2019

A bride-to-be is fuming after her groom ended up in hospital just days before their wedding.

With their wedding fast-approaching, the newlyweds went their separate ways for the weekend for their respective hen's doo and stag doo.

While the ladies had a fun, rowdy-but-safe time, when the groom returned home after his wild stag-doo, the bride was forced to rush him to A&E after he revealed he had severe burns on both of his hands.

"My fiance came home yesterday from his bachelor party weekend at a cabin," she wrote. "He had severely burnt both of his hands. We ended up being at the hospital for five-and-a-half hours last night getting him treated. We are getting married this Saturday."

Any advice or words of wisdom in how to get through the next few days as well as our wedding day?

"One of my bridesmaids suggested I post here because she's sure some of you must have similar stories."  she wrote on Facebook.

The bride's post has since received over 100 comments from well-wishers, many revealing their crazy stories and others sharing theories of how the burns happened.

While the bride has not confirmed what caused the burns, many have speculated it may have involved a campfire, gasoline or fireworks.

"When you find out days before your wedding you're about to marry an idiot." one Facebook commenter joked, possibly only adding to the bride-to-be's fury.

Did your groom have any horror stag-doo stories?