Bride caught lying in her own wedding photos

omg 26/03/2019

A small business has caught out a fibbing bride after she had tried to pull the rug out from under them.

A florist shop in the UK was approached by a bride to organize her and her bridesmaids bouquets for her upcoming wedding. They said yes, and just before the wedding they sent the bouquets out, satisfied that they had done a good job.

But, then the florist company received a call from the bride saying that she hadn't received the flowers which were valued at a few hundred dollars.

The florists were stumped, because they had proof that the flowers were shipped out. 

They spent a couple weeks going back and forth with the bride, until the florist eventually decided it was best for business to refund her money and move on.

While the owners said that refunding the amount of money that they did, was quite substantial to them as they were a small business, they decided to go with 'the customer is always right' rule.

A few weeks after the ordeal, one of the people from the store was 'Facebook stalking' the bride who had claimed no flowers arrived and had demanded a refund, only to find that the bouquet she was using in her wedding photos were the exact bridal bouquet they had sent to her that apparently 'never arrived'.

It was undeniably the exact bouquet the bride had ordered, right down to the same wrapping paper they use. The clever florists even asked the bride’s photographer for more photos of the bouquet just to be sure.

Weatherill told Metro she was "shocked" to learn the truth.

"I bet she thought she’d never be found out," she said, "but you can’t hide anything any more with social media."

"There’s so much out there in the news about businesses scamming brides," she added, "but I’ve never heard of a bride who scams a business."

The pair say the bride initially offered to pay back just $30 when confronted about the "missing" bouquet, but then coughed up the full price when they threatened to get the police involved.