Bride's strict '12 rules for bridesmaids' sparks debate

omg 22/03/2019
A bride's post on a Facebook group called '12 Rules for Bridesmaids' has gone viral and caused debate online.
People have called the list 'garbage', 'over the top' and 'strict'. You can read the 12 rules below...
  1. You're not just a bridesmaid. You're a therapist, personal shopper, secretary and straight up back-haver.
  2. Don't complain about your bridesmaid dress unless the bride has complained about it first.
  3. Y'all need to eat before the wedding. There's an open bar ahead of you.
  4. You are on lipstick patrol for the bride ALL NIGHT.
  5. If a chatty uncle is talking the bride's ear off, step in and take one for the team.
  6. Nothing good can come from bringing up an ex during a wedding speech.
  7. If you're in the bathroom at the reception, check the stalls before you say ANYTHING about ANYONE.
  8. At no point should you be drunker than the bride.
  9. Dance with the least attractive, single groomsman at least once.
  10. Your problems do not exist on the wedding day. No whining allowed
  11. Hooking up with that cute cousin? Totally fine. Check with the bride before you hook up with the cute brother.
  12. If the dance floor is empty, you know what to do.

What do you make of the list?