Woman criticized after sending out RSVPs before boyfriend had even proposed

omg 25/03/2019

It's not unusual for people to start having ideas and looking for inspiration for their future wedding before they are engaged. Having a Pinterest board or two dedicated to your dream wedding is normal.

But one woman has been criticized for going a little too far with wedding plans when she hasn't even been proposed to. 

The woman's friend - who shared the story anonymously online - explained: "I love my friend dearly, and her boyfriend of a few years is really an awesome guy. Love hanging out with them!"

"Sometime after New Year's Day, she did a Facebook game that told her she's getting married this year (those fake fortune games)."

"I told her that I could see a wedding for them happening sometime though."

"She messaged me on Instagram today to RSVP for a 'special event' on Zola, which is when I realised she's really been planning her wedding!"

The friend shared a text message exchange between herself and the wannabe-bride.

In the texts, the friend is excited as she assumes that her BFF was proposed to, before confusion sets in as it is realised the her friend hasn't actually been proposed to at all.

The post has divided fellow brides on Facebook, with many admitting they were also "confused".

One commented: "Does this poor man know he is getting married? Like I could see this being one of those 'surprise baby we are getting married today situations'."

While another said: "Why do people plan their wedding BEFORE BEING PROPOSED TO?!"

While many were horrified, others thought it actually made sense, with some revealing they had done the same.

One explained: "We started planning our wedding about six months before we got engaged, not everyone takes a linear path."

Another pointed out: "There are two basic possible scenarios here and one of them isn't shameworthy at all. Scenario 1: Groom has no idea she's planning a wedding, or knows she wants one but it hasn't been decided yet/he's uncertain/unwilling; aka it's mostly her. ... Scenario 2: They have discussed their plans like adults and are planning, but he wants to surprise her with a formal proposal. Completely normal and not shameworthy."

But almost everyone agreed that sending out wedding RSVPs before even being engaged was a little too far.