Bride-to-be demands in-laws salaries so she can calculate their wedding contribution

omg 27/03/2019

A 'gold-digging bridezilla' has been discovered after a post she made online quickly picked up traction.

The post, which was originally shared in a wedding planning group and then screenshotted and uploaded to Reddit, tells of how the couple are expecting their parents to help pay the cost of their wedding. According to the bride, "the problem is his mum".

"When we asked her to help us (money) she absolutely said to him that she has no money and can't help," the woman wrote in her post.

But even though the groom's mum said a pretty definitive answer that she was strapped for cash and would be able to help contribute, the bride did some digging to try and see how much spare money she actually had.

I found out she gets money from a property she rents out,

"Plus she gets social security from her husband who passed away years ago." the bride wrote.

The bride confronted her mother-in-law and eventually they reached an agreement at a family meeting that everyone would put $5,000 toward the wedding. 

"Months go by and she tells us she can't do it," the woman said.

She then suggested to her fiance they adjust the finances or cancel the wedding.

When he approached his mother about it, she was able to produce $2,000 within two days with the promise to hand over the rest after she had done her tax return.

"Two months go by and she says she owes money to the IRS and asked my fiance for help to give her $1,000 to pay that back."

I told him and said, 'well she gets income from renting her second property plus she gets retirement money, why can't she use that?

"My fiance kinda got fed up of me asking and telling him these things and now we got into a fight."

The woman said she gets the feeling her future mother-in-law doesn't want to help them out financially, that "it's lies after lies and lies."

She wishes the woman would just be honest if she can't afford to help out, but also asked what she should do about the fact she wants "all her side of the family" to the wedding, but isn't forthcoming with the funding.

People were not impressed at the bride, with many commenters telling her to just cancel the wedding altogether.

"Probably better to just cancel the wedding now," commented one person, adding, "you know it's pretty bad when you can't even make yourself sound like less of a monster telling your version of a story."

"If you can't afford your own wedding, you shouldn't get married," replied another. "If your parents want to help then that's great but they aren't the ones getting married so they shouldn't be obligated to pay."