Bride-to-be slammed by her guests after she doesn't provide food on wedding day

omg 05/03/2019

A bride has been brutally slammed by her wedding guests, and others, after being shamed on a popular wedding shaming group on Facebook.

In the post, a woman (who was a bridesmaid at the wedding) wrote that she had known the bride for about 10 years prior to the wedding. She knew the bride was after a relaxed wedding and that she was including a lot of handmade and rustic style decor in her decorating, as well as a bonfire.

The bridesmaid said that the simplicity of the day was "totally them".

But one thing that the bridesmaid discovered, just days before the wedding, was that the bride-to-be and her groom cut major costs in their simple, relaxed wedding by not providing food.

I just found out that to cut costs, they're not providing food... Like. What?! It's a whole day thing, even into the night, and no food?!

By the way the bridesmaid described the situation, it sounded like alcohol was still on the menu. 

She went on to say that she will probably "end up ordering a pizza or something for myself, my partner, and our friends while we're there". And that she could see it getting messy fast with everyone drinking booze but not eating.

The comments on underneath the bridesmaid post slammed the bride-to-be.

One wrote: "If you can't afford to feed all your guests you either need to invite less people or have a smaller, shorter wedding. While another called the couple "rude".