Bridesmaid slammed after saying she's 'too tired' to go friend's wedding

omg 08/03/2019

A woman has been slammed online after sharing that she's 'too tired' to go to one of her best friend's weddings.

Writing on Mumsnet the woman confessed she's extremely tired and stressed from caring for her 3 month old child. "I'm lucky if I get 2 hours sleep." she said.

"My friends wedding is tomorrow and I'm a bridesmaid... But I know tonight I will be lucky to get even 3 hours sleep, so I'm going to be in no fit state."

"Am I being unreasonable to tell her I can't go? The wedding is at 1pm but she wants me over at 9am for makeup and hair. I don't know what to do."

People were very quick to give their thoughts to the distressed bridesmaid.

"It’s one of your best friends weddings. You suck it up and go. In ten years time you will regret not going." one person said.

"Sorry, I think you need to battle through tomorrow. I understand the exhaustion, but your friendship won't recover if you let her down the night before her wedding. And you'll kick yourself in years to come." added another.

What do you think the bridesmaid should do in this situation?