Couple announce they aren't having anymore kids in hilarious way

funny stuff 15/03/2019

After being lucky enough to have three beautiful, healthy children, one husband and wife decided that they were more than happy with their brood and the husband decided that he would undergo a vasectomy to make their decision permanent. 

When it came to telling the rest of their family, they decided to have a bit of fun with it.

"We have some exciting news," the mum wrote on Facebook, with a spread of hilarious pictures.

In the photos shared, the dad looked enthusiastic while getting his procedure done, the children were decked out in matching shirts labeling them as "swim team survivors" and dad wore a shirt too that read: "The swim team may have been cut, but the coach will never retire."

Many people's favourite was the cake that was decorated in sperm fondant and iced with the words: "Snip snip, hooray!"

The post went massively viral and the mum told media outlets that the decision was not a hard one. 

"We have three healthy, amazing, beautiful kids. You can't ask for anything else," she said.

Some have asked why she felt the need to share something so private.

"Why not be happy that you're done and you're happy about it," she said in response. Your family's complete. Be happy with what you've got."