Forget chocolate, Cheese Easter Eggs exist for dairy lovers

omg 14/03/2019

Tell the Easter Bunny that this is the only Easter egg you're willing to hunt for.

For those who don't like to celebrate the long Easter weekend with a sweet chocolate egg or few, the Cheesalicious Easter Egg could be the treat for you.

Dubbed the 'world's first ever spreadable cheese egg', the egg weighs 120 grams and is made from solid cheedar cheese - so there's none of that disappointing hollow-shell business here.

And even better, it comes with a pack of oatcakes and a little package of chutney - perfect for an Easter-themed cheese platter, all for about $10 NZD.

The only drawback - it's only available in the UK store Sainsbury... But if you felt like carving a giant egg out of a block of cheese - the inspiration is there!