Guy sends girl hilarious CV via Tinder to become her wedding date

funny stuff 07/03/2019

Tinder can be a great way to start a new relationship, if you are willing to swipe through the weeds.

A woman was on Tinder to try and find a potential new beau, as well as a date to her sister's upcoming wedding. Her Tinder bio revealed just that.

And much to her surprise, a guy matched with her and struck up conversation saying that he was there to apply for the ‘super cool date position’ - to which the woman replied that she would need to see a ‘formal resume’.

She went on to say that the CV should include some interesting facts about himself and why he would be qualified to be her date.

And although for a start it was a bit of fun and games, the man actually pulled through and made a hilarious CV to send through to the woman.

In his resume, the guy wrote: “Objective: to be the super cool date to Delaynie’s sister’s wedding.
Experience: been to multiple weddings so know how to behave. I was the best man at my sister’s wedding.
Reasons to choose Nate: super cool just like you’re looking for. Very respectful. Decent conversationalist. Likes to party. Cleans up nice. I’m actually a normal guy… not like a lot of the idiots out there today. I’ve got a very extensive sense of humour, with the capability to find something funny about anything. Just the right amount of extra… like extra enough to write a resume, but not extra enough to p*ss you off.”

Unfortunately, they didn't work out romantically. But apparently the pair are really good friends now! And he may still be accompanying the woman to her sister's wedding later in the year.