Man shares the 6 rules he and his wife use for a happy relationship

we love 08/03/2019

A man has shared the 6 rules he and his wife follow in order to keep a happy relationship. He put the rules on his Twitter account where it has since gone viral.

"My wife and I have found that focusing more on being teammates and less on being soulmates is a solid recipe for marital success." he began

"Here's quick thread on the 6 rules we try to follow to be a good teammate to each other in our marriage."

The 6 rules are as follows...

  1. No one should ever hear anything bad about your spouse from you
  2. Over communicate. You cannot read each other’s minds.
  3. Try new things together. Even if one of you is typically more adventurous than the other, have fun with it.
  4. Be each other’s champion. Celebrate wins and encourage each other.
  5. Be grateful for each other’s contributions. Whether it be money, time, chores, childcare, or anything else, no one contribution is greater than another.
  6. Trust and respect each other. Especially in front of others, including your children.

The response to his list was overwhelmingly positive, you can read the full list over on his Twitter page.