Mum furious after mother-in-law refuses to call grandkids by their real names

parenting 07/03/2019

A mum recently revealed her troubles with her mother-in-law, and also said that the drama started well before the birth of her children.

The mum shared on the Internet that her mother-in-law refuses to call her new grandchild by the name that she and her husband gave her. Instead, she calls her by the name she wanted her to have. 

The drama started when the mum was still baking her first little girl in her tummy. The mother-in-law, who the mum stressed was very religious, decided that she wanted the new baby's name to be Nevaeh to which the mum shared online, "I would rather gargle broken glass and gasoline,"

She then said that she was a little more polite in her actual reply saying:

I politely declined or changed the subject a few times.

When the baby was born, the mum went with a different name, to which her mother-in-law announced that she would still be calling the baby by the name she chose. The name was Amazing Grace, or Mazie for short.

This issue has been going on for a couple of years, and now with the birth of the mums second daughter, the exact same thing is happening again.

Her husband has chosen the second daughters middle name and his mother will only call her by that name or "a country-fied version of it."

The response from the Internet was unanimous that the mother-in-law was being completely rude and that the mom shouldn't have to put up with her antics. They said that the mum should speak up and get her husband to put his foot down. 

"Tell her you can call them by their names or they can call you 'grandmother we never see.' Your choice," one person suggested the mum say. "Or alternatively, every time she does it, get up, pack the kids up and leave without saying anything."