Mum questions herself after comparing notes she & her husband wrote for babysitter

parenting 14/03/2019

An Australian mum blogger has posted a 'Mum vs Dad' scenario on her social media after she compared notes her and her husband wrote down to give to the babysitter. 

It was a hilarious result, with her husbands take on what the babysitter should know when looking after their three kids very different to what the mum thought the babysitter should know. 

The mum posted her extensive, colour-coded, multi-page list, which included information on bedtimes and food preferences. Her husband’s instructions, however, were much more concise, comprising simply emergency phone numbers – and presented on a torn-off piece of paper.

“Mum vs dad in information for the babysitter,” the mum blogger captioned the photos.

“I don’t even need to tell you which is which.”

She revealed that her husband thought she was crazy, especially after she also asked the baby sitter to arrive two hours early so she could go through everything and show her around the house.

The Aussie mum's mind was put at ease when a lot of her followers related to her approach to babysitting. They said that while they are practical notes, they are also a great way to put her mind at ease while she was away.