Mum-to-be gets workmate fired after she catches them stealing her lunch

omg 12/03/2019

If you share a communal kitchen/food storage place at work, then you will understand that there is nothing worse than getting your food nicked. If you're lucky you will avoid having this happen to you in your work life, but some people have had to endure the gut-wrenching feeling on more than one occasion.

Many try to avoid lunch thieves by strategically hiding their food out of sight of their colleagues, others resort to passive aggressive labels or send a scathing email out and while it is super annoying, you normally get over it and it doesn't really happen repeatedly.

But one poor woman has had her lunch stolen one too many times from her work fridge. The lunches are always exceptional, as they are handmade by her husband as he is a chef. Multiple days her lunch got stolen, so she took matters into her own hands.

Writing on Reddit, the woman revealed: "I began labelling my food hoping that would deter the thief. It didn't. Eventually, I put a note on the fridge that said: 'Please stop taking my food. I am pregnant and breastfeeding and this is negatively affecting my health'.

"The thief was a middle-aged woman who doesn't seem to like me. She is making triple what I am making, if not more.

"After a week of this (I’d been bringing sandwiches and keeping them at my desk to hold me over) I had the IT guy send me a screen-grab of her stealing, one from each day.

"Lunch Thief was up for a promotion. She’s near the executive level, and once you get this high up, the interviews involve execs from headquarters flying down to meet up with the execs in our office to sit in on presentations from the interviewees."

The mum-to-be then admitted that she pinned up a photo of the lunch thief stealing her food.

"She (food thief) turned back to look at the screen in horror. The execs at my office who knew my lunches were getting stolen were visibly pissed at her.

"As it turns out, one of the execs who’d come from headquarters was also pregnant, and the other one had a wife who’d just had a baby.

She was terminated.

The pregnant woman revealed she didn't actually want the situation to go as far as the lunch thief getting fired, and said that if the higher ups had talked to her about it she would have insisted the thief keep their job. 

"I didn't want her to get fired, I just wanted her to stop.

"If they'd ever talked to me, I wouldn't have wanted to get her fired. Aside from seeing the picture in the interview, they never involved me further. Never even asked me to send them the picture evidence for their own record."

But at least now she doesn't have to fear her lunch being stolen from the work friend, and the thief hopefully learnt a very big lesson.