Mum told not to give biscuits to son unless there's enough to share with his class

omg 14/03/2019

An Australian mum has been left shocked after being told by her son's teacher to stop bringing homemade biscuits to school unless there's enough for the whole class.

The woman shared her story on Facebook where she said she was "horrified but didn't lose sleep over it."

The note in read... "Dear Mummy, can you please avoid sending cookies unless there is enough for everyone. It's difficult for the other children when one has treats. Thank you."

People were very quick to share their own thoughts and stories, with some parents having found themselves in a similar situation.

"This is rough! I was asked to stop sending sultanas in my child's lunchbox as it was deemed too unhealthy but packaged muesli bars, cakes and roll ups are fine." one person wrote.

 "That is absolutely ridiculous! How dare they shut down a parent supplying their child with decent food! As a teacher I am constantly battling the opposite way, I can't imagine discouraging home baked goods. Keep fighting the good fight." another chimed in.

Do you think this is as ridiculous as these people seen to?

Source: The Sun