NZ company tells staff to stop checking emails after work hours

we love 27/03/2019

2degrees is asking its staff to avoid checking emails and messages outside of work hours, after a three-month trial of the scheme was successful.

The telecommunications company started the "screens off" trial in October 2018 and told Newshub staff responded positively to the changes.

"Seventy-six percent of our people made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of after-work hours emails that they sent," chief people officer Jodie Shelley told Newshub.

"Seventy percent of those who did reduce their out of office emailing noticed a reduction in their stress levels."

Shelley said the business is well aware staff are committed to the job, even if they weren't constantly available.

"They don't have to answer emails after hours just to show they're committed, we know that they are committed to us and I think this is just a really positive move to release people from that obligation."

She said she thinks it's the right move.

"I think it's really easy for technology to provide us with constant access, but that can become difficult to put boundaries around and I think by doing this we've really got that conversation started."

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