Outrage as bra shop accused of body shaming those with too small or too big boobs

omg 04/03/2019

A UK shop has been accused of blatant body shaming its customers after a shopper captured a photo of the store's 'size chart' and posted it on Twitter.

The chart's aim was to encourage women to get properly fitted while in the store, but many have said that the sign has the complete opposite effect and is more likely to shame and alienate customers with it's "misinformed prejudice around sizing".

According to the sign, A-cups are "almost boobs", B-cups are "barely there", D-cups are "delicious", and G-cups are "get a reduction." 

The sign suggests that C-DD are the breast size that are perfect.

Many Twitter users were left outraged by the sign after seeing the post, dubbing it "misogynistic" and “insulting”.