People are mocking this ridiculous 'mother of the bride' dress online

omg 14/03/2019

An over the top 'mother of the bride' dress is being mocked online.

The dress is for sale on Etsy and would set you back around $3500 NZD. But the price isn't the thing that has got people stirred up - it's the fact that the dress probably isn't the kind of thing most people would envisage their mums wearing...

People were quite cutting with their remarks about the dress.

"'Oh this old thing? I just threw it on', I say as I drink champagne out of a crystal glass while seducing my daughter's husband. My lipstick is blood red and will end up where it shouldn't." one person wrote.

"If one of you wants to buy me this dress, I will wear it to your wedding play the villainous and possibly magical mother you want your fiance to fear." added another.

Others were quick to point out the dress looked like something a Disney villian would wear - or even a member of The Addams Family.

Check out a photo of the controversial wedding outfit below...