Putting phones in 'greyscale' could be key in getting kids off them says expert

omg 29/03/2019

A podcast on Australian parenting website Mama Mia claims that putting phones in greyscale mode could be key in stopping technology addiction.

"Grayscale mode makes your phone less addicting. Go from bright and shiny to gray and calming." the website says.

"It's like turning your favourite dessert into your least favourite vegetable."

Parents were quick to give their feedback on the idea - with many saying it was a huge success!

"I think it’s very effective for the scrolling and have made the shortcut so I can quickly turn back to colour to check my Whatsapp etc." one woman wrote. "And yesterday at swimming lessons my youngest asked to look at my phone, saw the colour and said “it’s broken” and gave it back! So that’s a win."

Someone else shared their experience of trying it on their kids. "I've been doing this a month now and my phone usage has dropped dramatically. It's back to being a tool and not a reward system."

If you want to put your phone in greyscale, here's how...

iPhone: Settings - General - Accessibility - Display Accommodations, and turn on colour filters. Then choose 'greyscale'.

If you have an Android, you can use The Digital Wellness Application by Google.