Study says this is the age you actually start turning into your mother

omg 21/03/2019

Have you ever opened your mouth to speak and thought "geez, I'm starting to sound like my mother!"

Well a recent study has found the age that women really start turning into their mothers. Dr Julian De Silva, says the age is 33 for women and also notes men start turning into their dads at the age 34.

"We all turn into our parents at some point in our lives - and that is something to be celebrated," the Dr said. "Becoming parents is the main trigger and lifestyle factors are also important."

"It is an inevitable part of ageing but a process lots of people want to put off for as long as possible," he explained. "It is one of the reasons why the average age of first-time cosmetic surgery is coming down for both sexes."

"More people are trying to delay this onset of middle age to improve their appearance and levels of self-confidence," says De Silva.

So if you're approaching (or you've passed) the age, it might be a good time to pause and see how many habits from your parents you've picked up!

Source: Harpers Bazaar