There is a job where you get paid to lay in bed all day

omg 29/03/2019

If you are one of those people who love spending time in bed, then a new job that has come up at NASA could be just the job for you!

NASA and the German Aerospace Centre are looking for women aged 24 - 55 who want to stay in bed for two months. 

The chosen few will part in the Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study which will look at the effect of weightlessness on the human body. 

During your two months in bed, you can watch all the TV you desire, read books, listen to music, and will be fed a nutritionist planned diet to ensure you stay healthy.

The big question on a lot of people's mind - is how do you go to the toilet if you are expected to be in bed for two months straight? 

Long story short, you will do your business while lying down too.

Participants will be paid a whopping 16,500 euros (NZD$27.5K) for their time.