Throwing cheese at babies is the newest viral trend

funny stuff 04/03/2019

It seems like there are always new 'viral' trends hitting social media, the last big one was the Baby Shark challenge which saw people getting out of their car and walking alongside the moving vehicle doing the baby shark dance moves.

But a new trend to take the internet by storm is an even weirder one and it includes babies. No, it is not making the wee ones eat a sour lemon - called 'cheesing' babies and what it involves is the person behind the camera takes a slice of cheese, and tosses it at the baby's face.

The babies in these videos don't appear to cry, but once the cheese hits their face, they freeze and just look at the person behind the camera blankly.

Though some people on Twitter are loving this trend, others have a problem with throwing cheese on babies at the expense of some laughs online.