Woman hilariously live-tweets shared lunch after colleague brings raw chicken

omg 13/03/2019

Shared lunches and pot-lucks at work are normally a great way for colleagues to get together, build the team morale and get to know each other better.

At shared lunches, things like club sandwiches, pre-cooked party pies and chips and dip are the norm BUT the office pot-luck is not a place to contaminate everyone with salmonella by bringing raw chicken along.

Twitter user @caveofbeauty recently took to Twitter to live tweet an experience that seems more like a sketch from a comedy than reality. It all began with her sharing a photo of a bag full of raw chicken one of her coworkers brought to work. 

And then, to make matters worse, when people questioned the raw chicken and how on earth he was going to cook it in the microwave - he whipped out his personal deep-fryer.

"This has gone entirely too far," @caveofbeauty explains in a further tweet. "First he had salmonella brewing in the air with the open bag of raw chicken."

"Now he’s touching it with his bare hands. SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE." she wrote alongside a video.