'Gutted' stepdad forced to make awkward decision after paying for daughter's wedding

omg 11/04/2019

Dream weddings are expensive, it's no lie. 

Once you've selected your fairytale venue, your favourite photographer, catered for your guests, got your flowers, picked your dress and everything else that comes with weddings... there is still someone that has to foot the bill.

One doting stepdad, who has been in his stepdaughter's life since she was two, was faced with a pretty awkward situation after he had already told his stepdaughter that he would help contribute to a large chunk of her dream destination wedding.

His stepdaughter had always dreamed of a wedding in Greece, but obviously since they weren't from Greece, the wedding cost was set to be quite high - even with a nice wedding package deal.

The stepdad put his hand up to help cover costs of the wedding, wanting the absolute best for his stepdaughter who he had 100% raised as his own.

But, just days after he told his daughter that he would help pay for her big day, she dropped the bombshell on him that she had asked her biological dad to walk her down the aisle instead of him.

While for most stepdad's who have been a significant part of their stepchilds life that can be a rather hard, but understandable, pill to swallow. The only dilemma was that the daughter's biological stepdad had served years of jailtime for the abuse of her mum. 

“Yesterday, she told me that she wanted her biological dad to walk her down the aisle,” he wrote. “She told me that he’s a changed man and he deserves a chance so she’d try to accommodate me elsewhere.”

“I was really looking forward to walking her down the aisle. My wife thinks that we should not pay for the wedding anymore,” he wrote. “She also thinks we should not attend the wedding. But if I don’t pay, she won’t have her destination wedding"

The stepdad's call for advice was loudly answer, with many acknowledging that he was in a very sticky situation. 

A large majority said that a heart-to-heart chat was definitely needed between himself and his stepdaughter. 

A lot of people also suggested that he still pay for the wedding, but he should stand by his wife and not attend the wedding.

Days after the stepdad posted his question online, he replied to thread with an update.

In his update he revealed the he had decided to go ahead and pay for the wedding, as after all he did love her, but he and his wife would not be attending since his wife's abuser was playing such a big part.