Breathtaking wedding dress trend that is set to be super popular over wedding season

we love 16/04/2019

While there are always the timeless trends that tend to stick around at weddings, there are trends that come and go within the wedding world.

Like light-up letters, and wall to floor flower walls, this new trend is one that is certainly sure to turn heads and get people talking!

The new, fabulous trend is perfect for those brides who really want to make a statement with their dress. And what better way to make a statement than with a few feathers.

Sure, a statement dress isn't for everyone - some may even say the new trend in wedding dresses may ruffle a few feathers - but for those planning on an unforgettable ensemble, a once in a lifetime look, this trend might be for you.

Brides are approaching the trend from a lot of different angles too. From feathered skirts to show-stopping bodices, there's a lot of different ways to get on board with this particular trend.