Bride bans her niece from wearing favourite superhero dress to her wedding

omg 24/04/2019

A bride has received mixed response online after admitting to banning her niece from wearing a dress based on her favourite superhero to her wedding.

The dress was created to look like the popular character Captain Marvel - but the bride was not a fan of it!

"Was at the soon-to-be-in-laws today and they chose this dress for my fiancé’s niece. I told them to keep shopping." the bride wrote on Facebook.

"Do people really not understand what to wear to weddings?”

People were quick to chime in with their views...

"If that was her way of expressing herself I would never stop her from being herself. They’re only that young for a very short period of time." one person sympathised.

"The bride probably wants everything perfect for her big day and the kid probably wants to wear something that will make the occasion more fun for her." added another.

While a lot of people didn't agree with the bride, others thought she was in the right,

“A school wouldn’t let a kid wear a mask to school (unless the occasion calls for it) so why should a wedding be anything different?" Someone said.

Would you have an issue with a child wearing this dress to your wedding?

Source: YahooLifestyle